Artist statement

Life is a composition, full of various tones and rhythms leaving their trace on our inner being. It pulls us into a vortex of curiosity, uncertainty, fear and excitement!

Mystical stories and uncommon occurrences are an essential stimulus for my art. Inexplicable things, situations and moments fuel my imagination, driving my creativity to take up the leading role and conceive a whole new world for me.

What is behind everything we are unfamiliar with? The sound of pictures, the colour of music, the reflection of movements and glances melting into one.  This inexhaustible and omnipotent fantasy dominated by the symbiosis of impossible‚Ķ the junction of unjoinable… the beauty of ugliness… the paradox of irony.

 I see, hear, feel and create.  I record all of this as a faithful servant to my inner impulses and imagination, bravely and with open arms welcoming people to take a glimpse into this extraordinary world through the portal of my art – To feel, empathize, resist, be fascinated!